Testing Efficacy

efficacyThe authorization label of a Plant Protection product is given only after supplying and approval of efficacy and crop safety data.
The Testing Facility S.P.F., authorized by the Italian Ministry of Agricultural and Forestry Policies to provide efficacy data, carries out studies to verify the effectiveness of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, acaricides, nematicides, molluscicides, rodenticides, plant growth regulators and fertilizers.
In all the efficacy studies is also reported the crop safety.
All the studies are carried out according to the Official guidelines (EPPO, CEB or other on request) and managed with the ARM software (Agriculture Research Manager).
The final reports, issued in agreement with the EPPO PP1/181 guideline, are prepared in English both in paper and in electronic form.
Data after testing are archived by S.P.F. in agreement with the GEP rules.

Efficacy areas:
Aquatic areas, non-agricultural areas, Fruit trees, Arable crops, Forestry, Medicinal and aromatic crops, Ornamental crops, Horticultural crops, Tropical crops, Seed dressing, Post-harvest preservation.

Weed control, Entomology, Agricultural Microbiology, Nematology, Plant Pathology, Agricultural Zoology, Seed production, Harmful small vertebrates, Growth regulators, activators and adjuvants.

For all the Studies S.P.F. prepares

  • Study Plan
  • Final report
  • Archiving