residuesIn order to obtain the authorization label for a plant protection product it is necessary to supply data about the residues on the crops and/or on the soil accumulation to verify that they are within the parameters allowed by the European Community Regulations.
The residue studies are managed according to the Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) applied to the field phase (application and sampling) and to the Laboratory phase (analysis).
The Testing Facility S.P.F., authorized by the Italian Ministry of Health, carried out studies:

  • Residues on annual, perennial and on rotational crops
  • Residues for evaluation of environmental drift (application drift)
  • Residues for soil dissipation and accumulation

The crop samplings can be directly shipped to the analytical laboratory or previously transformed or reduced.

For all the Studies S.P.F. prepares

  • Study Plan
  • Quality Assurance
  • Report of the performed study phase
  • Final report
  • Archiving