Crop Safety

crop safetyThe selectivity of the plant protection products on the target or adjacent crop as well as in the rotational crops is a major parameter to obtain the registration label.
The Testing Facility S.P.F., authorized by the Italian Ministry of Agricultural and Forestry Policies to provide crop safety data, reports in all efficacy studies also the crop safety on the target and adjacent crops.

When specific crop safety studies are requested on the target crop or on the rotational crops they are conducted according to the Official guideline (EPPO PP1/135 or other on request) and managed with the ARM software (Agriculture Research Manager).
The final reports, issued in agreement with the EPPO PP1/181 guideline, are prepared in English both in paper and in electronic form.
Data after testing are archived by S.P.F. in agreement with the GEP rules.

For all the Studies S.P.F. prepares

  • Study Plan
  • Final report
  • Archiving