Biological Assessment Dossier – BAD and COMPARATIVE ASSESSMENTS

According to the requirements of the actual regulation for the registration of Plant Protection products (Reg. 1107/2009, SANCO 6895/2009), in efficacy and selectivity data are collected and summarized in the Registration Dossier in a sub-dossier named Biological Assessment Dossier (BAD) or Section 3 (former Section 7).

A specialized team of technicians of S.P.F. collects all the final reports of the efficacy and selectivity trials carried out with the target product in the Member states of the European Community.  Data are summarized in a Biological dossier (BAD) organized in a Core Dossier (Section 7) and a dRR (draft Registration Report) in agreement with the official templates for the zones EU Nord, Centre, South and for protected crops. The BAD preparation is done by qualified personnel with knowledge of the experimental methodologies and of the plant protection in the different climatic areas of the European Community.

The Comparative Assessment is prepared for the active substances included in the list of candidates for the substitution based on a systematic comparison with all the other active substances authorized for the same uses.  A solid experience is needed to allow highlighting the critical features of the candidates to the substitution in comparison the other active substances.